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Toe Stops - are you spoilt for choice?

When I started roller skating I learnt to skate with a roller derby team and we were taught to skate without toe stops! I only ever had jam plugs and so when I began to explore ramp and park skating I quickly realised that I would need to get to grips with toe stops so that I could at least climb out of the bowl!

It was a crazy experience and I had a lot of falls and trips learning to use toe stops but I've now got used to them and in the process have tested a few different types:

Moxi Brake Petals:

Super cute flower shaped toe stops, these come in four cute colours and have one stem length available, shorter than standard length toe stops but longer than short ones! I always screw mine in as far as possible so prefer the shorter length anyway.

These are a great all-rounder for indoor, outdoor and street skating. Once worn down they are more circular so easy to get used to.

I like the size of these compared to a broader stop such as the Grindstone Heartstopper as I don't feel like they will trip me up. Just enough grip for toe stop tricks and stalls without being slippery. 9/10.

Grindstone Heartstoppers:

I used the original heart shaped stoppers in the softer compound for quite some time. It took me a while to get used to the shape with the cut-out at the front and the size - wider and flatter than I was used to.

These saw me across multiple skate trips though and I quite liked the softer compound but they wore out very quickly in heavy use on concrete. Available in both long and short stems.

I think the harder compound of the new 'deadstop' will be much more durable for outdoor skating. I am excited to try the new Heartstopper Lils as I feel the smaller size will be preferential to me for durability and size.

8/10 - (Some people have found these hard to use if you have a screw on toe stop without the allen key lock on the plate as the shape can rotate easily.)

Chaya Cherry Bombs:

These were the first toe stops I upgraded to because of the range of cute colours. They were a good size to transition to - smaller than a lot of the roller derby toe stops and are available in both short and long length stems. I would always opt for short and screw them all the way in.

Some people have complained that they find these slippery and that they wear down quite quickly. Personally I've never had much problem, I used them mostly for outdoor street skating and enjoy the cushiony bounce they give. They are a good budget option at a reasonable price. 7/10.

Rollerstuff Twinkle Toes toe stops:

Super cute and high quality materials, these help you stop securely without slipping like the Chaya Cherry Bombs.

They are a good secure fit and don't spin in the plate requiring constant adjustment so felt much more secure in these than the heart shaped one's which I found kept rotating.

The colours are strong and vibrant and the compound feels firm yet grippy.


Grindstone Lonestar toe stops:

(Stock coming soon, contact to pre-order).

These were like a dream come true for me, the perfect in-between, "small like a jam plug but thick like a toe stop".

Hard enough for ramp and street skating but also small enough for a bit a jam skating too!

I felt like I had a lot more agility and movement with the smaller surface area on these.

Available in four different colours.


I eventually found my perfect toe stop set up by including two different sizes!

I use a small toe stop on my back leg skate for tricks and accuracy and a bigger one on my leading leg for secure landings and stops!

My favourite set-up so far is the Moxi Brake Petal and the Grindstone Lonestar combo. 10/10.

Hope you found this useful!

Happy skating!

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