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Moxi Rainbow Riders review.

First Impressions: - Super cute Moxi packaging and a really well designed product - with lots of attention to detail.

Product Specifications:

  • Boot: Moxi Rainbow Rider

  • Plate: Die-cast aluminum

  • Wheels: Moxi Rainbow Rider 58mm

  • Hardness: 82A

  • Bearings: ABEC-5

  • Toe stop: Adjustable

The Rainbow Rider by Moxi is a beginner level complete roller skate set up, created for skaters who want an introductory level skate on a budget.

Overall these seem like a really good quality product for the price - the UK RRP is £99.95.

Good points - Sturdy boot - would be durable, strong metal plate with adjustable toe stop, good quality wheels suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating.

Available in three cute colourways - Sunshine Yellow, Pink Heart and Asphalt Black.

Cons: These skates are NOT recommended for use in skatepark skating which is most likely due to the construction of the boot being glued to the sole. A boot which is stitched to the sole would be stronger for this use. However I feel that these are a pretty good value product for people who are just starting out on their skate journey and want to be able to learn the basic skills before upgrading their skates in the future, or aren't too worried about getting crazy in the skatepark!

If you are thinking that ramps are in your future we would always suggest buying the best quality skates you can afford so as to be sure of the quality and safety of the products you choose to use.

Which skates might suit you?

Moxi Rainbow Riders: Perfect for beginners to roller skating on a budget or anyone wanting a basic recreational skate for indoors and outdoor skating.

Moxi Beach Bunny Skates: Another good beginner skate which would suit anyone wanting a vegan boot and a stiffer boot ideal for roller dance, beginner level skatepark use and other recreational skating.

Moxi Lolly Skates: Suitable for beginners through to more advanced level skating, can be used for all types of skating although some people may find the soft suede boot too flexible for aggressive skatepark skating.

Moxi Jack Boots: Perfectly designed for more advanced skatepark use and all types of rolling from dance to trail skating. The sturdy padded upper provides ankle support and they are strong enough to endure the roughest skatepark bails!

Chuffed Wanderer Skates: A great intermediate level skate ideal for a wide range of skate styles. The stitched boot means they will be durable and also padded uppers for extra support and comfort. These make a great mid-level skate for those wanting to upgrade from a beginner boot.

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