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Mel - Meet my skates!

Hallo! I primarily skate in my Moxi Jacks, which are set up for park skating with my hardest wheels. I had my Lollies set up with my biggest, softest wheels for trail/adventure skating, but I kept finding myself at places that needed harder wheels, and also I added those and switched the wheels for the Moxi fundaes, which are a great in-between wheel, especially when the skate *to* the skatepark is across super bumpy, gravelly tarmac (hallo English roads).

I had an issue with my Jacks and had to wait a while for a part to fix them, so I put the hard wheels on my Lollies and have been skating in them for most of this year. It was a nice surprise to find that the softness of the Lolly made no difference support-wise compared to the Jack (which is very padded and quite a rigid boot) for park skating.

I have still never got fully used to my DIY Vans skates - the lack of heel, and lower cut of the boot feels so different to the Moxi style - but they were a really fun project to build. Now they tend to have my Moxi Gummy wheels on as I let friends borrow them if they want to try rollerskating. A friend gave me a set of slide blocks they'd made so my next project is to assemble and install them on the Vans skates.

I also have a set of Luminous light up wheels which are really fun and I used to skate everywhere with them, but now they feel much too soft for most things so I keep them for the odd roller disco I go to. I'm excited to see what the new smaller/harder Luminous wheels are like though as they'd be fun for skating in parks at night!

I've only ever used the stock PowerDyne toe stops that came with my Lollies, and the Chaya Cherry Bomb toe stops - which are a fair bit bigger and grippier. Short stem always (I cut down longer stems with an angle grinder) and screwed right the way in.

I also have some second hand CIB grind trucks waiting to be set up, but I'm not in any rush for that just yet. One thing at a time! Moxi Jack boots in Jade Reactor Neo plates CIB Street wheels (98a 55mm) Discoblox Outlaw slide blocks Chaya Cherry Bomb red toe stops Derbylaces Core yellow laces Moxi Lolly boots in Poppy Red Reactor Thrust plates Moxi Fundae wheels in Jade (hybrid 57mm) Bigfoot slide blocks (second hand, old style) Chaya Cherry Bomb kiwi toe stops Derbylaces Spark gold laces Vans Sk8-Hi boots dyed from white to yellow Sunlite plates in teal Moxi Gummy wheels in Sea Foam (78a 65mm) Custom DIY slide blocks (incomplete!) Chaya Cherry Bomb kiwi toe stops Original laces DISCO TIME Luminous light up wheels in Yellow (85a 62mm) I haven't mentioned bearings as I just kept the ones that came with the wheels, and when I did need to buy another set for my third pair of skates I just bought the quidders. I don't even know what bearings are in the other wheels, I just know they roll!

Everything mentioned here is pretty much all I've ever skated in, except for a few occasions when I've had a go on mates' skates, so I can't really say why I like anything 'best' as I have nothing to compare it to! I have certainly found myself quickly getting used to harder wheels (I skated in order of softest to hardest), so much so that any of the softer wheels now feel too sticky, at least for park skating. I'd like to try narrower wheels though so maybe that's my next thing.

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