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Meet my skates - Cam.

“My skates are the bomb!”


Vans Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX Trainers

Powerdyne Thurst Nylon Plates

Gumball Toe Stops

Moxi Fundae Wheels

Discoblox Grindblocks

Ever since I first saw that you could, I always knew custom made Vans Skates were something I wanted to skate on. I decided not to go for basic canvas Sk8-hi’s (under the advisement of a very smart friend) and opted for the slightly tougher MTE’s. They allow plenty of flexibility without feeling like your ankle is completely naked. Coming from a derby background, skating on flat skates was also my preference so Vans ticked all my boxes.

Why the Powerdyne Thrust Nylon Plates? Well, I was on a budget! They offered everything I needed for now, without breaking the bank, and fit my Discoblox Grindblocks, which I already owned. I’m still new to park skating, so plan to upgrade plates as I figure out my needs. But for now, I’ve enjoyed skating on them! Be Good even cut me my own metal insoles (which helps keep the skate stable) and put them all together for me.

In terms of toe stops, I’ve skated on both Gumball Toe Stops and Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stops. Although the Cherry Bombs are fun colours, I have found my Gumball’s to be more durable and grippier. As they are a neutral colour, I have also heard of quite a lot of people dying their Gumball toes stops for an extra bit of personalisation. I like my Toe Stops super high (as I walk around on them a lot!) so the short stem is my preference.

So for park, I currently use Moxi Fundae 57mm/92a Wheels. I find them a great ‘training’ wheel for when you want to learn some new tricks so want to feel a little slower. They’ve helped me no end learn control but also how to allow the speed to take me (little by little!). I also have Moxi Trick 59mm/97a Wheels squirrelled away for when I’m ready. These wheels felt very fast to a beginner like myself. Fun, but hard to learn some of the basics in. I’m excited to get them out one day and try again. For street, I switch between my Moxi Fundae Wheels and my Radar Energy 57mm/78a Wheels - which I absolutely adore. Soft and squidgy, you roll over almost anything with ease and they’re lovely for soft lands from jumps. I do notice, however, that I am much slower in these wheels, than my friends who are zooming ahead of me down the road on their harder wheels. So there’s definitely a time and a place for them.

I can’t compare blocks, as I’ve only ever had my Discoblox Grindblocks, but I can say that they have been great so far, for both park and street. They have a large contact area, which I think is great for beginners when you’re first learning to stall. My friend and teammate Mel had written a blog on her set up which covers a larger variety of blocks if you want more of a comparison perspective.

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