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Len - Meet my skates.

Skate park set-up:

Moxi Jack Boots in Taffy.

Powerdyne Reactor Neo plates.

CIB Slide Blocks.

Moxi Fundae wheels.

Moxi Brake Petals toe stops.

Better Bearings Rock Solids.

I skated roller derby for several years on a pair of Riedell 275’s until I just didn’t have the time to commit to training any more and started skating just for fun and exploring other types of roller skating.

I got my first pair of Moxi Lolly boots in Pool Blue and mounted them to my old roller derby plates and immediately fell in love. I started going to the skatepark and learning roller dance skills and skating became my real passion.

When I was lucky enough to upgrade to the Moxi Jack boot the difference was unreal, they were SO comfortable, literally heaven for my feet. I was able to skate for hours at a time, sometimes up to 19 hours in skates at large events like Barcelona Skate Love and not have any problems.

My all-time favourite skate set up (so far) are the Taffy Moxi Jack boots, Powerdyne Reactor Neo plate and Fundae wheels. These have seen me through pretty much every event from roller dance festivals to Moxi skate camp in California and are still going strong.

The plates are lightweight and reactive on ramps and smooth floors so versatile all rounder for different skate styles, the Fundae wheels are perfect for me – I’ve used them on pretty much every surface going and they seem to cope with everything from gritty rough U.K tarmac streets to smooth as silk Spanish concrete paving. I love not having to change my wheels all the time and have used these for two years straight with no issues. I also haven’t really ever had to clean my Better Bearings – they really are rock solid! (and I am very lazy).

Roller-dance set up:

Moxi Jack Boots in Pool Blue.

Powerdyne Reactor Pro plates.

Custom paint job by Babb Sabbath.

Moxi Fundae wheels pictured but currently Roll Line Fox wheels for dance.

Jam plugs.

Better Bearings.

I have been learning roller dance for quite some time and I really love having a different skate set-up specifically for roller dance that is different to my skate park set.

The Powerdyne Reactor Pro plates are perfect for dance and I have a smaller size plate mounted (one size smaller than my skates) so that I have more room at the toe, along with jam plugs for more manoeuvrability when practising dance skills like crazy legs, spins and dips.

I absolutely love the Jack boots but would like to try a stiffer boot for roller dance so my next dream set up will be -

Next dream set up:

Vegan Moxi Jack boots in white.

Powerdyne Arius Platinum plates.

Radar Varsity wheels.

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