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Chuffed Skates - Review.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The new skates on the block, what you need to know!

"We’re a young roller skater owned and operated company based in the land down under dedicated to bringing skaters high quality and affordable skates." - Chuffed.

We decided to stock Chuffed skates in the U.K after seeing them created by Aussie Skaters who were inspired to create their own quality products - for other skaters and to support the skate community in general.

You can read their FAQ's and find out more about their company ethos on their website - HERE!

Our first delivery of chuffed skates landed recently and we were very excited to check them out.

Currently available in three colourways - Olive Green, Burgundy and Fuegote Black.

The Olive Green and Burgundy 'Wanderer' skates are the first colours to be released.

The Fuegote Black and Flame design are the first of the Chuffed Skates 'Crew Skates' limited releases and are inspired by @sugu.fu - what a hot combination!

All of the skates come complete with an aluminium alloy plate, an adjustable toe stop and 82a polyurethane wheels. Featuring a suede upper and a padded lining.

What we thought:

Straight from the box these are packaged so nicely, cute branding and the skates are packed in reusable fabric bags instead of plastic - perfect for skate tools and other gear, or snacks.

You also get a crab skate tool for adjusting the wheel bolts, king pins and toe stop.

Finding your size can be a little confusing as the sizing varies compared to other skate brands but if you follow the sizing guide on the chuffed website you can't go wrong.

I wear a UK 5.5 size Vans shoe and a US 7 Moxi skate, the US7/EU 39 Chuffed skate fit me perfectly.

The colourways are gorgeous and very unique on the market with new crew member colours coming out next year at some point.

My personal favourite are the lovely green which reminds me of succulent plants!

The soft suede and lovely thick padding throughout the boot mean these are comfortable from the first wear, I can't imagine they would need a lot of break in time.

The sturdy plate feels strong and durable and would be perfect for skaters wanting to street skate, or newer/intermediate park skaters wanting a supportive and durable skate for a decent price point.

The wheels that come with the skates were perfect on tarmac and the cruel British rough paving - however I would probably change them to harder wheels for indoor skating.

It is difficult to compare them to other skate brands as they are uniquely different. The metal plate and padding make them a bit of a more comfortable and stronger skate than the Moxi Lolly which has less padding and a nylon plate as stock. They are much more comfortable (in my opinion - due to my wiiiiiiiide feet) than a harder boot such as the Rookie artistic skate and Moxi Beach Bunny which would require a longer break in time and are a stiffer boot in general.

It would be impossible to compare them to a higher end skate boot such as the Moxi Jack boot as they are a completely different product price range entirely.

Value for money wise - these will be perfect for skaters who want a high quality skate at a mid-range price point.

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