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Team hype queen and invert specialist. @jenga.aka.mega



Hi! My name is Jenga  I started skating playing roller derby with Hot Wheel Roller Derby in 2011, and now skate with Leeds Roller Derby. I was introduced to the skatepark about 4 years ago and loved it since.
Another big part of my life is triathlons, I love the challenge and I spent alot of time training, which can cut in to skating time but I always come back.
My preferred skate set up are Chaya Karma Pro with blocks and Octo Monentum wheels.
My favourite trick would have to be banana flips and inverts, or anything that requires flying through the air .
I am forever inspired by my friends and their crazy ideas, and love to skate a giant vert mainly because I love the feeling of flying through the air.

I am supporting - People In Action.